beauty on a budget

if you're anything like me,
it's easy to spend a gazillion dollars at Nordstrom and Sephora on the latest and greatest makeup.

but what if i told you
you can get the brand name look,
for a fraction of the price?

today is the day!

because i'm talking...
beauty on a budget!

now i'm not saying that all grocery store makeup is as good as the big name makeup lines...
(invest a little more money on your foundations, concealers and  facial powders)
i do believe that there are some awesome less expensive makeup options you can get at any grocery store.

and here are my top 5 favs!

 1. Ardell individual lashes in SHORT BLACK.
these bad boys are amaze-balls.
they add the perfect amount of natural length and volume to your lashes.

2. Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss.
if you haven't tried baby lips before,
you're missing out!
all of their colors are fun,
super pigmented,
and moisturizing!

3. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Iced Mocha.
the best thing about this product is there's no brushes needed.
all you need to do is
apply it and blend it with your fingers.
it's super glossy and perfect for a fun effortless summer look.

4. Maybelline Master Glaze blush in Coral Sheen.
coral is trending!
but just like all the other trends-
one day it's in,
and the next day-
it's out.
don't splurge on something that will be out of style in a month.
grab this cream blush and stay trendy,
without breaking the bank.

5. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips bronzer.
this stuff rocksssss.
it has the right amount of shimmer and color making it perfect to wear on your cheeks
and high points on your face.

 now you can go out and buy yourself some new makeup,
without feeling guilty afterwards!


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