it's all about love

i love,
this jacket.

isn't it lovely?

doesn't it make you feel all sorts of love?

but you get the point :)  

fill your life with even more love with this jacket //



chop chop

this one goes out to all my long haired babes
who refuse to lose any of their length...
even if your hair NEEDS it.

[you know who you are]

here's the thing ladies...
*this might come off harsh*
but long hair doesn't always equal pretty hair.

if you have 6 inches of split ends,
dried out, snarly hair,
it's time to cut it.

but guess what!?

healthier hair ALWAYS equals pretty hair.
[and sometimes makes your hair appear LONGER]

just like this client.

we took off length,
added a natural balayage,
and WOW.
what a difference!

before //

after //
it's amazing how a fresh cut and color can completely transform a head of hair. 

don't be scared of a much needed cut ladies!
it'll be worth it :)

pastel pink

i know i say this every time i do someones hair...
but this i seriously my favorite hair color EVER.

i mean come on-
it's pastel pink!

and it's delicious,
and gorgeous,
and absolutely stunning!

Summer and I had previously made her hair platinum prior to this appointment,
which made this pastel pink even more fabulous.

before ///

after //
 i totally have a #girlcrush on Summer and she is definitely #hairgoals.

if only i could rock this perfect bubble gum pastel pink!

girl gone gray

i love,
 when my clients aren't afraid to express themselves through their hair. 

and Kristi is one of those clients.

we did the most amazing silvery gray balayage and i am so stocked on the end result.

it's funky,
and right on trend.

and if you know me...
you know i'm a sucker for a trend!

check it out-

before //

after // 
 anyone else think they are ballsy enough to go gray?!


everyone say hi to Queen Elsa.


bow down to Queen Melissa!

can you believe how gorgeous her hair is?
not only does it look good...
 [which makes my heart happy!]

we took Melissa from her grown out, warm blonde,
to a perfectly icy cool blonde.
and i'm in love.

before //

after //
  are you as obsessed with this hair as i am?
or am i just overly into white hair?
 [insert crying laughing face emoji]

i hope you have a happy weekend pretties!


bye bye red

i love when a daring client who isn't afraid of dramatic colors and cuts comes in.
it's so exciting to play around and bounce ideas off each other.

so when Aliza came in with red hair
and wanted to go BOLD,
i knew we were going to have fun.

we ended up deciding on taking her base color to a gorgeous chocolate brown,
and contrasting that with bleach blonde ends.
and boy oh boy do i love this color. //
it's the perfect dark brown meets beige blonde, 
while still being funky.

if i could rock this hair color,
i would!

i love it SO so much.
and Aliza wears it amazingly!

from highlights to balayage

transitioning from highlights to a balayage is a must!

a. it's wayyyyyyy less maintenance.
you can literally go 6 months to a year without having to get your hair colored.

b. its wayyyyyyy more modern and on trend.

so basically.
if you have highlights and you want a change,
without completely changing your look...

opt for a balayage  :)
remember that not every time you get your hair colored has to be a dramatic change.

it can be subtle while still fulfilling the need to switch it up.

be open and honest with your stylist about what you're not digging about your current highlights
by bringing photos and ideas of what you'd like.

here are some tips on going from a weave to a balayage //

- if you want less maintenance,
 make sure your stylist is using a color that is close, if not the exact color of your roots.
this way,
you wont have to keep touching up your roots.
this allows your balayage to continue to grow out naturally.

-if you want to maintain the healthiness of your hair,
make sure your stylist is watching your previously bleached hair to ensure that it's not being over processed by overlapping new and old bleach.

-if you want to change the color of your blonde,
show your stylist examples of blonde balayages you're into.
this will help them decide which toner to use.

i hope this helped some chicks who are about to take the plunge into balayage land!