it's time to SPARKLE!

 New Year's eve is da bomb diggity.

is there any other time it's socially acceptable to deck out in glitter?!
the answer [should be] no!

but this year,
don't just let your sparkly dress steal the show....

let your eyes be the hit of the party by using GLITTER as eyeshadow.
here's how to do it.

1. start by applying an eyeshadow primer to your eyelids.
2. dip your eyeshadow brush into a small amount of water and then into your glitter.
3. tap your brush unto your eyelid. 
[the glitter will stick directly onto your skin.]
4. continue doing this until your entire lid is completely covered in glitter.
pro tip

a lot of glitter will fall onto your cheeks,
so before you apply your foundation,
remove the fallen sparkles.

i finished this look by rimming my eyes in NYX slim eye pencil in Black for a dramatic look,
making my skin matte with NARS sheer matte foundation,
making my cheeks shean with Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Rose,
keeping my lips neutral but full with Becca Cosmetics ultimate colour gloss in Mocha Berry,
and really making my eyes pop by using my go to highlighter MAC eyeshadow in Nylon
to make sure you don't overdo this look |
avoid false lashes
or a bold lip.

let the glitter be the center of attention!

this look is so fun,
so give it a go!

but im warming you...
you might wake up for the next few days with a little flecks of glitter on your face :)

 happy New Year's!


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