maskcara contour

i've never been a big fan of "the contour".

i've always felt it looks a wee bit overdone and just too obvious.

but after owning Maskcara Cosmetics for a week,
let's just say...
 i am absolutely, completely and utterly eating my words.

i am now a believer.

maybe it's because the products are natural and subtle.

or maybe it's because it only took me three EASY steps from start to finish.

whatever it is-
count me in.

step 1 // apply highlight & contour
[i applied my highlight using maskcara 30 second hac brush and contour using a concealer brush]

step 2 // blend & add illuminator 

step 3 // tap in illuminator

step 4 // be fab
here are the exact products i used //

 now go give this whole contour thing a try!

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