eyebrows on FLEEK

have you ever heard of microblading your brows?

if you haven't,
and you think eyebrows should look as fabulous as possible at all time,
 then you're missing out.

so let me tell you a little bit about it.

"microblading is a form of semi permanent makeup which uses hair thin strokes to achieve desired thickness and color of the brows."

so basically,
microblading is a way to get the eyebrows of your dreams for about 1 year,
by using a thin blade to apply color in a way that looks just like NATURAL hair strokes.

*keyword... n a t u r a l* 

i had the cutest, sweetest, most talented girl named Alyssa 
from Ero Edge  microblade my brows...
and boy oh boy am i in love. 

check it out //

before | my eyebrows were fine-
not awful, but definitely not amazing.
i filled them in everyday.
i was hoping the microblading would help my brows appear thicker and fuller.

day after | my brows are super dark and more unnatural than i prefer.
but don't be alarmed...
the color fades up to 40% within a couple weeks. 
my eyebrows only looked like this between day one - day 7.

day ten | the strokes appear to have almost completely faded.
that's because your skin is in the process of healing,
 which absorbs the color for a couple days.

day thirteen | my eyebrows are almost completely healed.
they are still a little flakey,
but the color is reappearing.
day fifteen | wowza!
i have ZERO product on my eyebrows.
they are healed and i couldn't be happier.
they look soft and completely natural.

6 weeks post appointment | i will receive an "enhancement session".
Alyssa will apply some more strokes which will add even more color and dimension to my brows! 
[like that's even possible]
so the moral of the story-
get your eyebrows microbladed from Alyssa at Ero Edge.

your eyebrow game will be forever changed.

i promise.

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