w h i t e

one of the many reasons i love spring is because you get to wear white.

lots of white.

on white.
on white.
on white. 

it's so chic and clean.

yum yum yum.

check it out // 
 get this white on white look here //
[i ripped the knees of these $9.99 jeans myself!] 

all other items i'm wearing are no longer sold.
but don't fret...
here are their look-a-likes //

i hope you have a very warm and white spring :)

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  1. Hi Elise! I'm also from the lovely group Society Gal on facebook:) Just wanted to say that the composition of your photos are flawless! Also, I usually hate wearing white, but this post has made me want to try it out since it looks great on you! :) I'm currently at the U and saw in your about page that you graduated form there, awesome! Feel free and say hello on my blog called http://casualcolie.com/ Thanks!