chop chop

this one goes out to all my long haired babes
who refuse to lose any of their length...
even if your hair NEEDS it.

[you know who you are]

here's the thing ladies...
*this might come off harsh*
but long hair doesn't always equal pretty hair.

if you have 6 inches of split ends,
dried out, snarly hair,
it's time to cut it.

but guess what!?

healthier hair ALWAYS equals pretty hair.
[and sometimes makes your hair appear LONGER]

just like this client.

we took off length,
added a natural balayage,
and WOW.
what a difference!

before //

after //
it's amazing how a fresh cut and color can completely transform a head of hair. 

don't be scared of a much needed cut ladies!
it'll be worth it :)

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