from highlights to balayage

transitioning from highlights to a balayage is a must!

a. it's wayyyyyyy less maintenance.
you can literally go 6 months to a year without having to get your hair colored.

b. its wayyyyyyy more modern and on trend.

so basically.
if you have highlights and you want a change,
without completely changing your look...

opt for a balayage  :)
remember that not every time you get your hair colored has to be a dramatic change.

it can be subtle while still fulfilling the need to switch it up.

be open and honest with your stylist about what you're not digging about your current highlights
by bringing photos and ideas of what you'd like.

here are some tips on going from a weave to a balayage //

- if you want less maintenance,
 make sure your stylist is using a color that is close, if not the exact color of your roots.
this way,
you wont have to keep touching up your roots.
this allows your balayage to continue to grow out naturally.

-if you want to maintain the healthiness of your hair,
make sure your stylist is watching your previously bleached hair to ensure that it's not being over processed by overlapping new and old bleach.

-if you want to change the color of your blonde,
show your stylist examples of blonde balayages you're into.
this will help them decide which toner to use.

i hope this helped some chicks who are about to take the plunge into balayage land!

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