5 minute face

i teamed up with the oh so adorable lifestyle blogger,
to help with a christmas themed shoot.

Sam wanted to focus on family,
and fun.

and of course i focused on makeup.

because there were so many girls,
each one of them got the '5 minute face'.

quick & easy makeup that anyone can do.

when doing a '5 minute face',
focus on these essential parts of your makeup routine...

▴ make your skin glow ▴ 
{i used MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish highlighter}
▴ fill in your brows ▴
{Anastaisa Beverly Hills Brow Wiz}
 ▴ add eyeshadow OR eyeliner ▴
▴ apply a small amount of blush ▴
▴ pick a bold lip color  ▴
 ▴ Lipstick | Buxom Lipstick in Brooklyn

the best part about the '5 minute face' is that it's natural,
but still enhances your features!

make sure to check out Just A Little Hankering for all your lifestyle needs!


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