go NUDE!

if you're anything like me,
you're obsessed with award season.

not so much because of the actual awards,
but because of the red carpet.

i'm absolutely obsessed with
the dresses,
the nails,
the hair,
and of course...
the makeup!

what the stars are wearing on the red carpet is usually what trends we should expect for the upcoming year!

and the Golden Globes starlets were going NUDE!

nude nails,
nude skin,
nude eyes,
and nude LIPS!

i'm loving this nude trend.

here are some of my favorite nude ladies who are totally killin it!

oh and did i mention...
i made an appearance on the red carpet too!

i'm kidding.

but a girl can dream right?!
to achieve this look..

think SIMPLE.

▴ tinted moisturizer ▴
▴ bronze eyeshadow ▴
{smudged under the lower lash line}
 ▴ thin line of black eyeliner on top lashes only ▴
▴ black mascara ▴
▴ nothing but highlighter on the cheeks ▴

go ahead...
go NUDE!

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