snip snip.

it was time.

time to take control of my hair...
instead of my hair taking control of me!

it was time.

time to own what i have,
instead of what i have owning me!

it was time.

time to stop obsessing about having long, perfect locks.

i chopped it.

into a short,
{blunt bob}

and i've never loved my hair more!

all i wanted was a cut that i could
and go.

wake up...
and go.

while still looking put together,
yet effortless.

▴ the inspiration ▴
 ▴ the finished product ▴
 i'll report back on my favorite products,
styling tools,
and tips and tricks for short hair.

and for anyone who's thinking of chopping their hair...
do it!

you won't regret it!