Valentines Day Lips

whether you've got a hot date out on the town,
or are celebrating single awareness day with your girls,

you have to look fabulous on Valentines Day!

making sure your lips look luscious is key. 

and to do that...
go for a bold, bright, festive color!

my favorite lipsticks for this very kissable holiday are...

you can't go wrong with a statement lip.

just remember...
keep everything else SIMPLE.

neutral eyes,
and natural cheeks.

now go find yourself someone to smooch this Valentines Day!



  1. Gorgeous make up!! I have a few questions for you, as you are obvi the go to gal on this!!
    1. my lips are always so dry when I wear lipstick, and it always cracks and peels...what is the best way to prevent this?
    2. Sometimes I feel like lipstick makes my teeth look yellow, and they aren't, is this because it doesn't match my skin tone??
    3. I can't ever get my eye liner to go on smooth, do you have any suggestions??

  2. Nice One!!!! There are different types of lipstick shades available. Nowadays bright lipstick is in fashion. Woman loves bright colors, so if you are a lipstick lover try it.