b r o n z e d

this time of year everyone starts feeling a little,

our hair is dry,
our wardrobes are lackluster,
and our skin is craving some serious vitamin D.

but instead of running to the tanning bed,
pick up these products to give your skin a little extra BRONZED love.

you'll be feeling brand new in no time!

{this will make your skin 'glow'!}

add a white eyeliner to your waterline
and black mascara on both top and bottom lashes.

the key to this look is making sure your self tanner AND tinted moisturizer is evenly distributed around your face AND neck!

▴ pro tip ▴
achieve a "streak free" finish by applying your tanner and tinted moisturizer/illuminator with a face sponge.

this look goes perfectly with beach waves,
and any color gloss!

give it a try.
i promise everyone will think you just got back from a fabulous tropical vacation!


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  1. Do you put on foundation when following this bronzing suggestion? I have to wear foundation and powder but wondering how I can still follow this bronze technique too? :) @peubird