get illuminated

everyone wants the glow.
but not everyone knows how to get the glow.

not anymore!

it's as easy as 1 simple product.

and that product is...
*drum roll please*

seriously though.
this product is amazing.
it's without doubt one my top 3 MUST HAVE products!

and now for the fun part...
how to get the illuminator glow!

after completely applying your all of your makeup,
{including foundation, powder, eyeshadow, blush, etc.}
apply a SMALL amount of the illuminator with your fingers to these 8 specific areas...
 make sure to apply the illuminator in good, natural light to avoid an uneven, blotchy finish.

seems pretty easy right?

i promise.
it is!

now go pick yourself up a NARS illuminator...
you deserve it!

1 comment:

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