it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the makeup tutorials,
and "how to's" out there.
but let's be clear...
don't believe everything you hear!
or read.
or see.
because, let's "face" the facts...
makeup can make-
or break
how you look.
here are the 5 most common makeup mistakes to avoid...
we all know bold brows are all the rage right now.
but that doesn't mean you can take any eyebrow pencil,
in the darkest color it comes in,
and draw anywhere around the vicinity of your brows.

when filling in your brows,
remember to keep them natural.

to do that-
get a brow pencil,
close to your natural eyebrow color,
and fill in only where your natural hair would actually grow.

i personally love the...

 getting perfect airbrushed skin is all women really want.

but wearing a layer of primer,
a layer of foundation,
a layer of concealer,
another layer of foundation,
and then a layer of powder foundation isn't going to achieve that.

it might look fine in your bathroom with bad lighting.

but i promise,
once you go out into natural light...
you're going to look a little cakey.

to avoid this-
go for a natural coverage finish foundation or tinted moisturizer,
a concealer that matches your skin,
topped off with a setting powder.
much more natural,
and much more flattering.

 whoever told women it was okay to wear eyeliner under your lower lash line should be shot.

that was a little harsh.
but seriously.

it's not cute.

it's not flattering.

and it needs to stop!

it literally does nothing for your face.
it closes off your eyes,
making them appear smaller.

stop applying lower liner,
and go for something softer.

like a bronze shimmery eyeshadow under your lashes.

it'll still give your eyes definition,
but looks much softer, natural and feminine.

i get it,
everyone wants long,
full lashes.

but when you go overboard with your lashes,
it makes you look like a tired camel. 

and no one wants that.

opt out of overly thick lashes and try individual lashes instead!
it adds length and volume,
but still looks natural!

try these...

don't forget your lips!

without them,
your face looks unbalanced,
which makes your nose look larger!


if lipsticks or thick glosses aren't your style,
go for a tinted balm.
it'll hydrate while still giving your lips minimal and natural color.

right now,
i'm obsessed with

go take a long hard look in the mirror.

and be honest with yourself.

are your brows overdone? 
does your skin look thick and cakey?
is your eyeliner making your eyes look small and dark?
do your lashes look fake and heavy?
are your lips being forgotten?

if the answer is YES to any of these questions-
it's okay!

it's not too late to change your bad habits and start looking and feeling fab!



  1. LOVE the "good" makeup face!! ;) What foundation do you use for a natural finish?

    1. I love NARS tinted moisturizer as well as NARS sheer glow foundation! They both have an amazing radiant finish. xoxo

  2. I love everything about this post! So true! #tiredcamel You're the best!
    p.s. sheer glow by Nars is my jam right now!! Best ever!