love me some lashes

i have been debating back on forth on getting eyelash extensions.

i just didn't know if it was right for me...
 until i stumbled across @utahlashes on instagram.

soooo last week i took the plunge
and was lucky enough to meet up with Kylee Christiansen from @utahlashes.

and holy cow did she change my life!

Kylee executed e x a c t l y the look i was going for.

natural yet voluminous.
not too long but still noticeable.
dramatic without being overdone.

not only is Kylee the sweetest human alive and hysterical to chat with,
but she was super gentle while apply my lashes.

there was no tugging or pulling on my natural lashes at all!

you could say,
it was absolutely heavenly.

she's a licensed cosmologist who is super educated and knowledgeable about all things eyelash extensions.

Kylee's a professional who takes pride in attaching a false lash to each and every individual real eyelash while using minimal amounts of glue so
your lashes look AND feel fluffy as a feather.
which also keeps your natural lashes healthy and damage free!

Kylee used a mix of classic and volume lashes on me to create this natural look while still looking full and fab.

i feel super confident even when i'm not wearing any makeup.
and super SUPER confident if i'm wearing a fun and flirty lip to go along with my lashes.
here's all the products you'll need to get this look //

i'm addicted.
[uh oh!]

Kylee is the best.

the. absolute. best.
when you decide to get your lashes done...
you have to go to Kylee!

contact her here | [435] 262.0933

i can't wait for you to feel as good about your lashes as i do!

k byeee friends

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