orange ya glad....

orange ya glad it's not monday anymore?!

i am!

now let's celebrate by wearing a fun, fierce, and funky lip.
 in O R A N G E of course.

try this look //

here's how-

1. start by applying Becca Cosmetics ever matte shine proof foundation to your whole face, pulling down onto your jaw line and neck.

2. if desired, apply a light powder. like MAC mineralize skinfinish natural powder to make your skin even more matte.

3. apply an eyeshadow primer to your eyelids.

4. sweep Urban Decay artist shadow in Pinky Beige across your eyelids.

5. add mascara FIRST, followed by short or medium black individual Ardell Lashes.
[avoid overly long lashes, they look unnatural and obvious.]

6. to highlight your cheek bones + the point of your nose use  

7. to finish the look, add the
pro tip
when applying your individual lashes,
rather than applying the longest lashes to the outer corners your eye,
apply the longest lashes to the center of your eye.

 this will make your eyes appear larger!

this really is one of my all time favorite looks.

i love lots of flirty lashes,
pretty skin,
and an unexpected lip color.

this makeup will make you stand out,
 while still looking fresh and natural. 

and what more can you ask for?!

tag me on instagram when you recreate this look!


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