no fuss cat eye

we all know a cat eye isn't always the easiest to achieve.

you finish your right eye and the wing tip is on point!
but now...
you have to do the left eye.

like usual,
it just didn't turn out as fab as the right eye.

well my friends,
try this.

step 1.
start the process by applying an eyeshadow primer,
followed by sweeping your face powder across your eyelids.
[this will mattify your eyelids and be a solid foundation for the cat eye]

step 2.
instead of using a liquid liner and aiming for perfection,
try using a matte black shadow smudged across your lash line,
ending in a blunt upward swing off the outer corner of you eye.
[i used a MAC eye shadow in Carbon]

step 3.
pro tip...
using a stiff concealer brush + makeup remover,
erase the bottom side of the smudged outer corner shadow
creating a perfect crisp line.
[i promise, it's easier than you think]

step 4.
you can either leave your cat eye like this-
for more of a day time look-
orrr take it to the next level like i did,
by adding more smudged black shadow to your water line and lower lash line.

step 5.
add a highlighting shadow to the corner of your eyes + on your brow bone,
and lots and lots of black mascara.
[obviously, i used my favorite highlighting shadow...
MAC eye shadow in Nylon]

now to complete the look,
add a soft peach colored blush,
[Laura Mercier second skin blush in Lush Nectarine]
tons of highlighter,
and a natural colored lip.
[Buxom full on lip cream in White Russian]
to make this look even more fancy,
instead of using a matte black shadow,
try a black shadow with lots of sparkles like MAC eye shadow in Black Tied.

now have fun experimenting
and perfecting the easiest cat eye ever!


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