no good vs so good

 2014 brought us a lot of great things...
like flower crowns,
the existence of farmer chris,
and the boliage.

but makeup, my friends,
was not one of those things.

makeup in 2014 was,
in my opinion,
a wee bit overkill.

and by a wee bit,
i mean a lotta bit overkill.

so here are the 2014 no good makeup trends that won't be seen this year!
[replaced with the so good trends of 2015.]
say bye to boxy brows and hello to your natural shape
letting your brows grow in can be a process.
but totally worth it in the end.
be patient and let those pesty stray hairs grow in!
to darken your brows while still looking natural try this //

say bye to extremely light under eyes and hello to even skin
if you're wearing a powder or concealer that's two shades lighter than your skin tone under your eyes...
this will instantly make you look f-a-k-e fake.
instead, get a concealer the same color as your skin. this will lighten and brighten in the right way.

say bye to an overly contoured face and hello to your cheek bones!
i've never been a fan of the severe contouring.
it's just too harsh.
your nose and cheek bones and chin and forehead don't need to pretend they're something their not.
[they're fab as is!]
instead - bring attention to your cheek bones by using a pretty peach blush directly BELOW your cheek bones... rather than ON your cheek bones.
try this // NARS blush in Gina

say bye to thick black liner and hello to a pop of bronze
there will always be a time and place for black liner,
but 2015 is all about soft and subtle.
using a brown liner will make your eyes appear larger and more youthful.
while still looking defined and sexy.

say bye to dark lips and hello to a pretty pout
dark lips came and saw and concurred.
but it's time to say adios to this 90's look and replace it with a more neutral and low maintenance pallet while still giving your lips a deep toned look.

so now that you know everything there is to possibly be known about 2015 beauty,
what are you waiting for!

show of your natural beauty and get to it!

bring it on 2015.
we're ready for you.


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