the Kylie Jenner

whether you want to admit it or not...
you love Kylie Jenner.
you'd never say this out loud but....

you're obsessed with her blue hair,
you'd give anything to have access to her slutty chic wardrobe,
and wish you could make an appointment with her plastic surgeon.
[even though she swears her lips are natural.]
ummm yeah right sister.
 but in the mean time,
 while you wait for your lips to magically and naturally enlarge over night like Kylie's did...

try this // 
 and here's how...

1. start by making your skin completely matte using MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder.
apply the powder evenly across you're whole face. [including your eyelids!]

2. on the crease of your eyes apply MAC eye shadow in Wedge + MAC eye shadow in Mystery.
pull these shadows onto your lower lash line.

3. make your brows full with a natural shape using Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

4. contour your cheeks bones with NARS bronzer in Laguna 
 by applying it to the hollow of your cheeks.

 5. exaggerate your lips by over lining them with this yummy matte brown liner, lipstick and gloss set.  

pro tip
to make sure your over lined lips look like their all yours,
use a concealer brush + NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
to clean up the edges of your lips.
if over lining your lips isn't really your thing,
no worries!
a matte brown lip is still just as fab on any lip shape.

you have to try this...
like now!

i know Kylie would approve.
happy monday!


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