Laced Hair

having short hair is my jam.
it's fun and fresh.

but i'd be lying if i said i didn't dream of having long mermaid locks of my own.

wouldn't it be amazing to be able to switch your hair from
short and stylish,
to long and luscious,
in 5 just minutes?

well duh,
you can!

with the fabulous
 they offer I-Tip, Tape In, Keratin Tip, Wefts, and my personal favorite...
clip in extensions.

why do i love clip ins?

they give me the freedom to go from short to long and long to short,
whenever i want! 
  Laced Hair is incredibly soft, 
extremely thick, 
and feels and looks as natural as your own hair.

not only is their hair quality,
 it matched my hair P E R F E C T L Y.
[i used Platinum Blonde]

it blended with my natural hair seamlessly and made me feel like,
 if you've been debating back and forth on getting extensions,
now's the time to bite the bullet and JUST DO IT!

i am 100000000000% positive you will absolutely love them.
you have my word!
head over to laced hair here //

and be sure to check them out on instgram // 

have so much fun stepping up your hair game,
and switching your look on the reg!


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