one balayage / two ways

i'm going to tell you a little secret...

balayaging is my favorite thing in the world.

i love how it can be subtle,
or dramatic.

i love that it looks good on brunettes,
and blondes.

and i LOVE that it requires less up keep than 'traditional highlights'.

these two clients came to me both wanting a balayage on their dark brown hair.

Laural wanted to go as light as we could get her.
while Sachi wanted her hair to look as natural as possible.

it's fun to see how these two balayages differ and how they both look equally as fabulous!

Laural //
Sachi //
 i equally love both of these looks.

and i'm excited to say that Laural is coming back in a couple weeks to go even lighter! 

i encourage anyone and everyone who has dark hair that wants a little brightness without doing highlights to go for a balayage.

they are such a fun,
 new way to lighten and brighten your hair!

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