the blonderourage

getting white blonde can be tricky.

for sure.

but sometimes...

it takes a blonde.
to understand blonde.

take a look at some of my lovely bleach blonde clients //
i am absolutely in L O V E w/ this current trend 
and don't see it going anywhere anytime soon!

crossing my fingers it stays around for the long haul!

here are some tips to get and maintain these lovely locks //

- it might, and probably will be a process to get your hair this color.
the darker your hair, the longer it'll take to reach this platinum shade.
you might have awkward in between colors before you reach your dream hair. 

- tone, tone, tone.
everyone's hair looks yellow when you first bleach it this light.
but with the help of the correct toner you can cancel out those yucky yellow tones and be left with perfect Elsa hair.

- maintenance can be a beezy.
but if your up for the root retouches every 6-8 weeks, or don't mind some grow out (which i actually kind of love) then no problem!

- purple shampoo is your friend.
but not like your best friend.
because if you use it every day, you'll end up with splotchy grey and purple streaks.
only use it once a week, diluted with your regular shampoo. 

happy day! xx

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