when Whitney came in to see me,
she had a grown out ombre that she just wasn't diggin'.

she wanted to go BLACK.
 and i wasn't mad about the idea.

i knew it would look bomb on her beautiful olive complexion.

so what did we do?...

not only did we go black,
we decided to cut 7 inches off and give her the perfect long bob for summer.

oh and i absolutely adore the end result.

check it out //
 if i'm being honest...
i don't think black looks great on everybody. 

but because Whit has naturally dark dark hair,
with gorgeous Samoan skin,
i knew this deep black with blue undertones would compliment her beautifully.

if you are thinking of going black there are a few things to consider//

-what is your natural hair color?
if it's light, your regrowth will most likely look like you're balding :/
 plus the upkeep is pretty high maintenance if those light roots are showing

-what color are your eyebrows?
black hair doesn't require black eyebrows.
but it looks a little funny if you have super light brows.
if you're going super dark,
make sure your eyebrow color is within 3 shades of your hair.

- do your research on the undertones you like.
do you want a neutral black?
a violet black?
a blue black?
a black black?

i hope this helped some of my black babes out there!

until next time!

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